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Blue Ring Management

2112  E. 7th St. Suite 200

Charlotte, NC 28204


Blue Ring Management is dedicated to providing the highest quality service while catering to the unique needs of each individual community. However, what really sets Us apart is that Blue Ring offers the services of its in-house attorney and CPA to your Board. Additionally, our relationship with law enforcement will offer the safety and security of your community by implementing a Community Action Plan.

Blue Ring's financial management and property maintenance services utilize the latest technological advances to ease the  burden placed on your Board and make it easy for Homeowners to communicate their needs. With Blue Ring Management, our entire team is dedicated to serving the needs of your association. When needing the best remember to call Us. We put your Community First!

 Management Services

Blue Ring Management is dedicated to the Communities we serve. We work with homeowners and the Board of Directors to design individual management programs to suit the needs of each Community. Our unwavering dedication to exceed your expectations allows Us to offer our Services with NO ANNUAL CONTRACT.

Success in each Community we manage is achieved when we all work together. Blue Ring Management provides the tools, knowledge and leadership to each Community we serve to ensure its Success.

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